Tri-State Chess Club Ladder - How What If Works

  • I was asked by Wolfgang (rating 1771) and Neal (1688) what happens to their rating if they won or lost.  
    • If Wolfgang wins against Neal, his rating would go up 9 points.  If he lost his rating would go down 14
    • If Neal wins against Wolfgang, Neal's rating would go up 16 points, If he lost, his rating would go down 10
    • If they draw, it is treated as a half win and a half loss. So Wolfgang would go down 2 points and Neal up 3
    • The difference between the above values is driven by Wolfgang being 83 points highter.  Color doesn't matter.
  • Another what if question is what happens next week (7/29) if Bill Mendenhall plays Bob.  The two are very very close, Bill just 12 points higher!
    • Bill would go up 15 if he wins. And down 15 if he loses
    • Bob would go up 16 if he wins.  And down 14 if he loses.
    • So, if Bob wins, there would be 31 point swing between the two, and Bob would take over 9th place
    • Don't worry Bill.  Bob is after Van Woolley :D
  • If two highly rated players play each other, the up and down values are lower, about 8 points for a victory or loss.. 
  • If two players far down the ladder play, there is far more movement.  If  Charles plays Bruce (both around 1250), a victory or loss  is 21 points.

Click here to view the What If  I win or lose view of the world