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We don't have a procedure in place for canceling meetings unfortunately.  I thus cannot cancel the meeting.  Will Atkinson can but is not available as his internet is via the public libraries which are closed.  If anyone can contact him and get his agreement to cancel, that would be great.  Last week Will objected to closing the club. In his reply to me he said he was attending as the world is coming to an end in 9 weeks.  So he will probably attend.  He is right in one sense. The world as we know it is ending....

Bill Mendenhall, Wolfgang, and I have announced we are not attending the club meetings.  Frank is on the fence.  Others haven't said.  How long we stay away depends.  My daughter, a nurse and who attends meetings with Delaware on the virus, says the infection rate will be high for many months.

I am maie, over 60 and with heart issues, as is true for many members of the club.  These are the three worst things to be :).  The odds of death are at least 1 out of 10 if I become infected.  So I will be away for many months.

Everything I read says there is an excellent chance one can have the virus for up to two weeks before symptoms become present.  And one can spread it during this period.  My family is too important.  I will not become a carrier of the virus to my wife, my kids, and my grandkids.  As my daughter told her kids, you don't know who has socialized with someone who has been infected. And such socialization can be as simple as touching a door handle that an infected person has just touched.  View not attending as safe socialization.

Just to further drive in the above. Bill said in his note "there are about 8 confirmed cases within a 4 mile radius of the church".  So, how many of these known infections or those with an infection but not known have visited the church. What have they touched?  Where have they coughed? The virus doesn't die immediately.  It can stay dormant for many days.  Do you want to take the chance?

If you wish to play chess online its free at  It used to be free at but Frank's reading of their free membership is it is for 7 days only.  Not certain. I'm grandfathered as a free member.

If you would like to play a game online, just email me or anyone you know and arrange a match.

I will be suspending the ladder until the virus has run its course and we have enough members attending to make it worthwhile.

For now be safe, be healthy, and think long and hard before attending. The decision to attend is yours. Decide wisely.

Bob Flanagan

From Bill Mendenhall:

need to shut club far only you, me,and Wolfgang have committed not to attend that I know of.It's not safe for anyone due to distancing and piece touching to name a few.there are about 8 confirmed cases within a 4 mile radius of the church according to the delaware county web page.since closing down for a period of time probably hasn't happened before someone needs to step up.should we vote, ask members with keys to stay home, games don't count as ladder games anymore or something else.could give monthly updates when conditions improve.what say you?

We play chess every Monday from 6:30 to 11 PM at the Ridley Park United Methodist Church, 501 N Swarthmore Ave, Ridley Park, PA.   The following are some typical travel times per Google maps:

  • Springfield, PA or Media PA - 13-15 minutes.
  • Center City Philadelphia 24 minutes
  • West Chester, PA - 26 minutes
  • King of Prussia, PA - 31 minutes
  • NorrisTown, PA - 33 minutes
  • Cherry Hill, NJ - 30 minutes
  • downtown Wilmington, DE - 23 minutes
  • Bear, DE - 33 minutes
  • Hockessin, DE - 37 minutes
  • Newark, DE - 40 minutes

What is nice about our location is almost all traffic is moving away from us, so travel to us is easy.  And, you can time your arrive for 7 or later for easy traffic and still be able to play for several hours!

On a typical Monday night we have from 10 to 20 chess players of all skills. Come in the front door and go up the stairs. We meet in the first room on the right down the left hallway. 

Our club has a chess ladder using a chess rating system like the USCF. Click to see the chess ladder. The chess ladder is free to play and completely optional.

Dues are $3 per night to cover our costs to the church, out tournaments, and our annual banquet. All chess players are welcome. First visit free! You do not need a chess board! We have lots!

Have a question?  Call Bob at 302-584-1771

Looking for local chess tournaments? We have compiled a list of nearby upcoming USCF rated events, including scholastic tournaments. We update several times a month.